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Student Loan Calculator

Most graduates in the UK have a significant amount of student debt, but with low interest and means-based repayments taken directly from their pay cheques, few ever think about it.

How soon will your loan be re-payed? Should you consider repaying your student loan early? Here we can answer those questions and more.

This calculator assumes you’re on repayment plan 1. Figures are correct at time of writing.


For plan 1 the threshold is £1,657 a month, above which you’ll pay 9% of your salary.

What’s your current yearly income pre-tax?

Each month you currently repay ?.

Your repayment will go up if your income increases. We’ll assume a 10% annual raise every year.

Interest Charges

Your debt will accrue interest at 1.1% APR.

What’s the value of your student loan today?

Each month your debt accrues interest of ?.

Write Off

Your loan will be written of 25 years after you graduate.

When did you graduate?

Based on your graduation date, your loan will be written off ?, ?


Your last payment will be ?, ?.

If you paid off your loan in full today, you would save ? in interest payments.

If you have any debts at a higher rate or interest, pay those off first. If you have any investments at a higher rate of interests, or can make some, it’s not a good idea to pay your student loan of early. If your money stuck in a savings account earnings a lower rate of interest, it’s probably a good idea to put some of that towards paying off your loan early, as long as you keep enough savings for emergencies.